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Dental Inlays and Onlays

onlay1Dental inlays and onlays serve several purposes and are important treatment options in restorative dentistry. They can be used to restore strength, eliminate discomfort, and prevent tooth loss in rear teeth with mild to moderate decay. They can also repair rear teeth that have been fractured or damaged. They can be done in either porcelain (tooth colour) or in gold.

Dental inlays and dental onlays are similar in purpose; however, inlays are when the material is bonded within the center of a tooth and onlays are used when the extent of the damage requires inclusion of one or more cusps (points) of the tooth or full coverage of the biting surface. Both treatments generally require two office visits. In the first visit, impressions are taken of the patient’s teeth that are used to create the dental inlays or onlays. Temporary inlays or onlays are placed to protect the teeth until the permanent inlays or onlays are placed in the second office visit.