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For Kids

kidsdrawing300x300It’s Never Too Early to Start Caring for Your Teeth

Dr. C knows how you can care for your teeth so they will last your whole life…  check this out!

  • never go to bed without brushing your teeth
  • teeth need exercise… chew on healthy snacks
  • protect your smile… brush your teeth
  • don’t forget to floss when you brush

We’ve got neat things to see and do here at Dr. C’s like a picture scrapbook of drawings from our friends (see if your picture made it), and a fun drawing we did for you to colour and show. Keep Smiling!

 Tips for Parents

  1. Before your baby has teeth, wipe the gums gently with a clean wet cloth after each feeding.
  2. If your baby sleeps with a bottle or sippy cup at naptime or bedtime, fill it with water only.
  3. If your baby normally falls asleep while feeding, you still need to brush or wipe his or her teeth after feeding.
  4. Lift your baby’s lip and watch for changes in colour, lines or spots on your child’s teeth as these may be signs of potential problems.
  5. After two years of age, start brushing the teeth with fluoride toothpaste in the morning and before bedtime. You will use just a smear of toothpaste so it will be fine if the child doesn’t know how to spit properly. Fluoride is a mineral that protects teeth.
  6. Begin flossing after brushing at night as soon as they have more than two teeth to develop a good routine.
  7. Change your child’s toothbrush every three months or immediately after an illness.  The tooth brush may need to be changed earlier if the child chews a lot on it and the bristles are splayed.
  8. Assist with your child’s tooth brushing.  Wash your hands in between if you are helping more than one child.
  9. To prevent spreading germs that cause tooth decay, do not put anything in your child’s mouth if it has been in your mouth. Don’t share spoons, cups, food, toothbrushes, etc.
  10. Visit your dentist by the age of one year, or when the first teeth appear. Take your child to the dentist for regular checkups to make sure there are no problems.

The drawing above was the winning entry, by Pawan Chopra, of our Tooth Fairy drawing competition. Nice job!