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PreventionFirst Birthday, First Visit to the Dentist

Children should visit the dentist by the age of 1, when the first teeth begin to appear. At this visit, the child will stay on the parent’s lap for a ‘knee-to-knee exam’ to thoroughly examine their mouth. We will take the time to answer parent’s questions and explain everything you need to know to get your child started on the right path to great oral health. Our approach is personal and caring to make this first visit an enjoyable and positive experience!


We have introduced CAMBRA to our office in the last year (Caries Management by Risk Assessment). This tool helps identify individuals as high, medium or low risk of developing caries (cavities). We want all of our patients to know that caries is a preventable disease and we are implementing simple protocols so that you and your family can stay caries-free for life.

For more information about CAMBRA, please see the brochure below.