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In the Community


We were thrilled to be able to participate in the event ‘Exile Island” for The Children’s Wish Foundation.  Our fundraising was a huge success and we were able to raise $6,088. Thanks to all that supported us!

Dr. Courchesne hosted multiple workshops in her office for the Canadian Association of Girls in Science—Ottawa Chapter. She had been approached by their leader to mentor the young girls (between 7 year old and 11) about the profession of dentistry.  The events were successes and the girls had a great time.

Dr Courchesne participated in the Foire aux carrieres at the Ecole Franco-Ouest in Kanata to answer the student’s questions about becoming a dentist.

Dr Courchesne proudly sponsored the Black Belt Excellence event organised by  Phil and Amelia Nguyen in Kanata.  It was a day to celebrate the 25 years of their Martial Art School and affirm their commitment towards continuing to build and develop Black Belts, Champions in Life, and Leaders in Society. Dr Courchesne and her family were present for the event and felt very inspired by the Nguyens and all the participants.

Since 2009:
Dr Courchesne and her team have been sponsoring a child through the Ottawa-based Friends of the Uganda Child. This project has been addressing the educational, health and social needs of individuals and youth in the rural community of Kamengo. A family in our practise visited Kamengo in July of 2008 and spent a month volunteering in the village.

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Since 2008:
Dr. Courchesne and her team have been volunteering with the annual Help Emily Help Tyler garage sale. Carol’s daughter, Emily, started the Help Emily Help Tyler project in 2004 and has since raised over $80,000. The proceeds go towards the research of a rare children’s disease called Sialidosis.

From 2005:
Dr. Courchesne and her husband, Dr. Dan Hwang, have participated in many dental missions in Central and South America. They have been travelling with the organisation Kindness in Action. This non-partisan and entirely volunteer-based organisation sends teams to different locations around the world to provide free dentistry for underprivileged people. This rewarding experience is definitely an eye opener.