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Our Vision

VisionThis dental practice exists to provide quality dental care to its patients in a caring manner that takes the patient’s best interest to be the overriding concern. We always take a long term view, and recommend action to control dental health concerns when the patient has the maximum ability to choose the appropriate course of treatment. When indicated, we work closely with specialists to provide the best care for our patients.


Our Professional Standards

Dr. Courchesne is committed to operating at the highest professional and ethical standards. Her practice will be operated within the confines of the Registered Health Professional Act, the guidelines provided by the Ontario Dental Association, and provincial statutes governing workplace practices.

Our Patients

We will form a lasting partnership with our patients through our commitment to provide them with the best comprehensive dental health care to meet the requirements of the entire family.

Our People

Dr. Courchesne will be recognized as an employer who provides an open, supportive and safe work environment that provides opportunities for everyone to fulfill their potential to contribute to the success of the practice and the health of our patients.

Attending continuing Education is an essential part of our practice philosophy. Dr. Courchesne spends over a hundred hours every year perfecting her art of dentistry in all aspects. She completed in 2010 the core curriculum for Advanced Dental Studies at the Pankey Institute in Miami. This training represented over 150 hours itself. Her attachment to this exceptional facility is bringing her back now for extra curricular courses. She is also continuing her studies at the Spear Institute in Scotsdale, Arizona.

Her team also participate in various courses throughout the year to be up-to-date with the ever-changing world of dentistry. Our goal: know yourself, know your dentistry, know your patient and apply your knowledge.

Most recent courses for Dr Courchesne:

  • Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver
  • Aesthetic “Natural beauty from diagnosis to delivery” at Pankey Institute
  • Lasers in Dentistry, ODS, Ottawa
  • Annual Meeting American Academy of Periodontology, Honolulu
  • Uilizing Invisalign to Enhance Restorative Outcomes, Pankey Institute, Miami
  • Live Patient Complete Dentures, Pankey Institute, Miami
  • Dental Business Lecture, Peers Group, Ottawa
  • Evolving Implant Aesthetics, ODS, Ottawa
  • Leap the Business Plateau and Soar to New Heights, Ottawa
  • Public Speaking and Leadership, CLC, Ottawa
  • Functional Occlusion in the Everyday Practice of Dentistry, ODS, Ottawa

Most recent courses for the full team:

  • Advanced Dental Team Building, Pankey Institute, Miami
  • Developing the Cohesive Team, ODS, Ottawa